Spanish Beginners

Tutor  John Croasdell

The class will follow a similar pattern to that of previous years. It will be suitable for anyone who wishes to be able to speak basic Spanish about such topics as holidays, dining and getting around. The classes are held in a relaxed atmosphere.

Spanish Intermediate

Tutor  Shirley Jackson

This class is aimed at anyone who has already studied some Spanish whether recently or a few years ago. You should be able to understand topics such as your family, home, town and food, but might find replying difficult. The relaxed atmosphere will help you gain confidence. You will not only improve your language skills, but also learn more about Spain

Spanish Circle

Tutor  Shirley Jackson

This course is suitable for anyone who has a basic knowledge, and it deals with such topics as food, hobbies, holidays, clothes, transport and your home. You should have some idea of the past tense (I went, I ate) and a simple future (I’m going to eat).

The class will be conversation based, emphasising communication rather than grammar. I hope a congenial atmosphere will encourage the class both to suggest topics they wish to explore and to participate in the discussions.

Annual Lunch 2020

The Spanish Beginners enjoyed a lunch at Casa Colombiana.

They dined on typical dishes such as: arepas, patacones and chorizos.

Plates of empanadas, chuletas, mariscos and salmon.

All were impressed with the quality and variety of the Colombian food.