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Changes to Changes!

Apologies for the confusion that might occur from this post & a previous post!

  • Shows were booked into the Hall at Cleckheaton Town Hall and some for our classes using the Hall were cancelled.
  • A post was sent out showing the cancellations.
  • Work is now being done on the roof over the stage of the Hall.
  • All shows that use the stage area have either been cancelled or are being performed at another Kirklees venue.
  • Some of our classes that were cancelled can now use the Hall as long as the stage area is not used.
  • Ballroom for Beginners will run on 16 November 2022 & 23 November 2022 but will not take place on 29 March 2023.
  • Line Dancing will run on 16 November 2022  & 23 November 2022.
  • Tai Chi will run on 21 November 2022 and there will be an extra class on 20 March 2023.
  • Ukulele will run on  22 November 2022.
  • Other dates as shown on the Three Fold Flyer remain as before.

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Classes NOT Running

After enrolment the following classes are not running in 2022/23 –

German Beginners – if your German is slightly above Beginners – German Circle on Wednesdays, Week 2 from 10:00 to 12:00 could be for you.

Topical Debate – if you wish to discuss Current Affairs then Probing the News on Wednesdays, Week 1 from 10:00 to 12:00 could be for you.


Guitar Group Details

  • New Class 

  • This is a Week I class – on Wednesday mornings 10-00 – 12.00 in the Bar Lounge
  • Enrol at the first class. £10 for the class & £10 if not a member already
  • Dates:
  • 2, 16 & 30 November
  • 4 & 18 January
  • 1 & 15 February
  • 1 & 15 March
  • This is a chance for basic to intermediate players to get together to practice and improve their playing abilities in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Songs from Rock n Roll, through to Folk, Country, Pop and Swing will be covered.

  • The aim is to improve rhythm techniques, learn finger picking styles, and expand chord knowledge and usage.

  • Even if you only know half a dozen chords, then come along!

  • You have to have an acoustic guitar, either nylon strung, or steel strung.