Guitar Group

Tutor  Steve Leyland

This is a new class, which will start on 2 November 2022 – 10.00 – 12.00 in the Bar Lounge.

This class will offer a chance for basic to intermediate players to get together to practice and improve their playing abilities in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Songs covered will be from Rock n Roll, through to Folk, Country, Pop and Swing, all with a view to improving rhythm techniques, learning finger picking styles, and expanding chord knowledge and usage.

Even if you only know half a dozen chords, then come along!

Participants must have their own acoustic guitar, either nylon strung, or steel strung”

  • Enrol at the first class. £10 for the class & £10 if not a member already
  • Dates:
  • 2, 16 & 30 November
  • 4 & 18 January
  • 1 & 15 February
  • 1 & 15 March