German for Beginners

Tutor Alan Pearman

For this season we will be starting with the basics of the language – formation of sentences and common words.

These will help you identify shops, businesses and hotel facilities for those who wish to travel to Germany.

Some basic grammar will be included.

Returning ‘students’ are welcome and they will be able to add to what they have already learnt.


German Circle

Tutor Anne Croasdell

German Circle is for those with some knowledge of German who wish to improve their fluency for visits to the country, or who have an interest in exploring German language and culture. The class is conducted in both German and English with a mixture of conversation and the use of audio, video and reading materials. Contributions from class members on any aspect of German life will be welcomed. Some guidance on grammar will be offered if requested.

Christmas Social 2019

Video Snippets of German Carols that were sung at the Christmas Social.